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R & M Services

R & M Services

  • Replacement of Economizer/ Super heater tubes and headers.
  • Air pre-heater modifications.
  • Overhauling of Heat Exchangers.
  • R & M contracts for Heat Exchangers (Tube in Shell Type, Plate Type).
  • R & M of Valves.
  • Augmentation of ESPs and associated Ash Handling Plant to meet the latest pollution norms.
  • Provision of electronic drum level indicator on boiler drums.
  • Replacement of Turbine blades having excessive erosion.
  • Modernization of Condensers.
  • R & M of BFPs, CEPs.
  • R & M of CW System, Cooling Towers.
  • R & M of HP and LP heaters and Valves.
  • Modification of Ejectors.
  • R & M Services for LP Turbines & accessories

Boiler Pressure Parts (Economiser)

Boiler Pressure Parts-

  • Economiser

Economizer coils are used in downstream of Boiler bank to preheat the feed water absorbing heat from hot exhaust gases.Economizers have different types of Tubes depending upon the application. Bare tubes in Economizers are widely used in Industrial boilers and for applications like Heat recovery boilers in Sulfuric acid plants, gilled tubes are employed. Finned tubes are popular in HRSG applications.

Material of Construction: Carbon steel / Alloy Steel (Seamless Tubes / ERW)

Types of Economisers-

  1. Bare Tube Economiser Coils.
  2. Grill Tube Economiser Coils.
  3. Finned Tube Economiser Coils.

Key highlight of our Economisers -

  • We conduct 100% radiography of all welded joints.
  • Our grill Economisers & Finned Tubed Economisers have found wide acceptance in overseas countries.
  • We can fabricate economisers with bends having D/R ratio of less than 0.67
  • We can bend pipes upto 12”NB using cold bending process

Boiler Pressure Parts (Superheater)

Boiler Pressure Parts-

  • Superheater

Super heaters are used to convert saturated steam or wet steam into dry steam used in industrial processes. Super Heated steam produced in the super heater is then used to produce electricity in captive power plants or is used to suffice complex process requirements.

Material of Construction: Stainless steel / Alloy Steel (Seamless Tubes ).

Types of Super Heater

  1. Radiant Super heater.
  2. Convection Super Heater .

Key highlight of our Super Heaters-

  • We conduct 100% radiography of all welded joints.
  • Proficiency in dissimilar welding.
  • Ability to manufacture close radius bends using cold bending process.
  • Experience in manufacturing studded welding on super heater coils.

Boiler Pressure Parts (Evaporator)

Boiler Pressure Parts

  • Evaporator / Studded Pipes

Almost all AFBC/ bubbling bed boilers use in-bed evaporator tubes in the bed of limestone, sand and fuel for extracting the heat from the bed to maintain the bed temperature. Evaporator is the device where water is converted into saturated steam in AFBC Boilers. Most commonly evaporator coils have studs welded on them to increase surface area in contact with the bed thereby increasing efficiency of the device.

Material of Construction: Carbon steel / Alloy Steel (Seamless Tubes )

Types of Evaporator Coils-

  1. Plain Evaporator Coils.
  2. Studded Evaporator Coils.

Key highlight of our Evaporator Coils-

  • We conduct 100% radiography of all welded joints (if any).
  • Proficiency in dissimilar welding.
  • Proficiency in studding 12 studs per plain.
  • Ability to perform studding on close radius bends.
  • Ability to undertake studding between dissimilar metals (Eg. SS Stud on CS Pipes).

Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger

Tube in Shell Type Heat Exchangers:

Tube in Shell Type Heat Exchangers are the most common type of heat exchanger in oil refineries and other large chemical processes, and are suited for higher-pressure applications. As its name implies, this type of heat exchanger consists of a shell with a bundle of tubes inside it. One fluid runs through the tubes, and another fluid flows over the tubes to transfer heat between the two fluids. The set of tubes is called a tube bundle,

FAB PRECISION offers below range of tube bundles

  • Plain tube bundles.
  • Longitudinal Finned tube bundles.

Key highlight of Heat Exchangers manufactured by us

  • We conduct 100% radiography of all welded joints.
  • Experience with wide range of material ( Carbon steel/ SS/ Titanium Alloys/ Copper Alloys ).
  • In house facility for baffle plate machining & shell fabrication.
  • Complaisance with TEMA standards.

We also offer range of spares used in efficient operation of Tube & shell Heat Exchangers.

Pipes & Tubes

Pipes & Tubes-

FAB PRECISION WORKS is a stockiest and supplier superior quality steel and other allied products. We maintain minimum stock of 1500 tons of Tubes/Pipes of various sizes & material specification. We can readily supply Tubes & Pipes of Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper Alloy tubes & pipes of various sizes.

We use latest infrastructure to track & maintain details of tubes such as size, material specification, length of individual tubes, make of tubes etc. Maintaining stock helps us to deliver fabrication of tubular products & thereby meet customer satisfaction.

We can provide Seamless/ERW/EFW Pipes & Tubes made of Stainless Steel/Alloy Steel/Carbon Steel at shortest delivery periods, best suited for your urgent requirements.Please go through our READY STOCK MATERIAL AVALIABILITY sheet in attached section, giving you fair idea about the material in stock with us at present.

Due to security & confidentiality purpose we may not be able to disclose all the data at present, do write to for your specific requirements enabling us to address the same.

Fittings & Valves

Fittings , Valves & General Maintenance Supplies –

With a view to be one stop solution provider for all maintenance requirements FAB PRECISION has entered & gained accolades for various products & services relating to installation, overhauling & maintenance of control units placed with intricate orientation in process plants. To compliment & enhance our services In the same we also deal in supply wide range of maintenance spares ranging from most critical valves conforming to API standards to most generic supplies like fasteners & fittings.

  • Pipe Fittings

Socket Welded Fittings
Butt Welded Fittings
Threaded Fittings (NPT, BSW)
(Elbow, Union, Tee, Threaded Nipples)
Size Range: ½” to 4”
Type of Ends: Socket Welded Ends, Butt Welded Ends, Threaded Ends
Pressure Rating: 3000#, 6000#, 9000#

  • Tube Fittings

DFDC Type Fittings (Swagelok Type)
(Male Connectors, Female Connectors, Tee, Union, Elbows)
Size Range: ¼” OD to 1” OD
Pressure Rating: 150#

  • Valves & Manifolds

  Multi-Turn Valves :-
    Diaphragm valves
    Fixed Cone valves
    Gate valves
    Needle valves
    Pinch valves

  Instrumentation Manifolds:-
    3-Way Manifolds
    5-Way Manifolds

General Fabrication& Other Supplies

Boiler Spares

General Fabrication –

With a aim to diversify & explore new business opportunities we undertake general fabrication & machining of customized requirements as per your requirement.
Currently we have successfully manufactured & installed below mentioned minor fabricated / machined parts in various process industries across the globe.

  Header Fabrication
  Close Radius Bends
  Stub Ends
  Dissimilar Welded Joints
  Tube Cladding
  Tube Bundle fabrication for Heat Exchangers
  Baffle Plate repairs
  Repairs in Pressure Vessels
  Storage Tanks
  Industrial Boiler Chimneys
  Repairs of Dust Collectors
  Industrial Blower

We believe that no work is small or big, our interest lies more in serving your needs & creating value for you by providing quality products / services, thereby creating a sense of trust & belief , to build & enhance business ties.